Okay so why not….

Here I am, excited yet scared youknowhatless, at the prospect of this thing.  Blogging can be powerful, and while I don’t even fantasize that I can make one iota of difference in this big old world, I want to at least be heard.

Today at a site where I was a long-time member, I was humiliated and trashed after a very innocent incident.  Posting what I realized later was outside the rules (one of those post now, think later kinds of things), not only was my discussion shut down, but my dedication to the cause (that being progressive liberal politics as you will soon see) was even questioned.  I was merely posting something I had seen and wondered if others had seen it too.  I was practically called a freeper!  Some of my former posts were called out and “examined” to see if I might be a troll.  Or worse, a PUMA!  I couldn’t even defend myself because I found out about it all too late.  Not the first time I’ve seen the left eat their own.  And not the first time it happened to me either.  But after 4 years and thousands of posts? Yeah, after supporting Senator Obama for the last 6 months and the site with money every time they asked, all of a sudden I’m a Hillary-supporting freeper troll.  Oh well, as much as I wish it weren’t so, tolerance of even each other here on the left isn’t a sure thing.  I like to think that I am tolerant of everything BUT intolerance.  However, more careful I will be.

At the same time, I’ve been encouraged by a couple of fellow “bloggers” (I use the term loosely in MY case, not theirs) at another site to join them here.  Actually, I’m humbled, for they are far superior to me in intellect, wit, and political knowledge.  I hope to learn from them and others here, yet without completely losing the “sharp tongue” my daughter tells me I’m so famous for.  That’s what makes me, well, me.

So, we’re off.  I suppose this thing is mostly for my benefit.  But, I hope I can reach someone with information and opinion that might just make them stop and think and consider that I might possibly be right or at least have a point.

There.  My first post done.  Thank you and good night.